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This is my first book length poem composed of over 1000 lines telling the story of artistic development from the life of a performance dancer.  


About the Book

Martha is a dancer. She was dancing before she was born. She dances through her childhood. She dances through her career. 

​Through dance, strength is presented not through a capacity for destruction, but rather the ability to maintain a composure that can withstand the extremes of physical and creative expression. Dance demonstrates the ability to broaden the limits of liberated movement, not through reckless abandon, but through gracious balance, dedicated integrity and bold aspiration. Dance is more than the refinement of the human physique; dance is the refinement of the human character.

This poem is a lyrical narrative depicting an art that is not about life, but is life as this life is lived by a dancer.


What the readers have said

(Five Stars)  "I love Martha!  This masterpiece deserves this rating."  

– Kurshana Augustin


Martha, a poem - signed copy