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Historical hilarity in epic proportions!
John Lumea, The Emperor Norton Trust



"A wonderful new voice to discover." – W.L. Heffner

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Garrett Buhl Robinson
Garrett Buhl Robinson


Garrett Buhl Robinson


New Video Poem - Bridge Transit


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Always Here Always Odd, cover, Garrett B
Garrett Buhl Robinson
Garrett Buhl Robinson
Garrett Buhl Robinson
Garrett Buhl Robinson
Garrett Buhl Robinson
Garrett Buhl Robinson


Poet in the Park


The Nobody is a portrait of New York City told from the perspective of a poetic vendor selling his books on the streets of Manhattan.  Through the lyrical lines of a poet - the dynamics, diversity, tragedies and triumphs of the metropolitan are brought to life upon the stage.

World Premiere July 2019 

at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

A shorter version of the play debuted

at the Actors Fund Art Center in Brooklyn.  

Written and performed by Garrett Buhl Robinson.

Performance of The Nobody by Garrett Buhl Robinson

Summer 2019 - Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Letters to Zoey

Letters to Zoey, Garrett Buhl Robinson



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March 16, 2016


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December 28, 2015


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September 8, 2015


Women's Radio with Susan Bender

January 1, 2013

Poet in the Park, Garrett Buhl Robinson

photo by Jerry James


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October 6, 2014

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March 21, 2016

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Garrett Buhl Robinson


Poet in the Park, Garrett Buhl Robinson

photo by Garrett Buhl Robinson

Poet in the Park, Garrett Buhl Robinson

On a cold February night in 1992, Garrett Buhl Robinson jumped on a coal train and embarked on a journey across North America.  Over the span of a year, he hitchhiked the highways, rode the rails on freight trains and hiked 800 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. 


Eventually, Garrett settled in Portland, Oregon where he completed his first novel in 2000. Upon finishing the novel and unsuccessfully marketing the book, he left for Alaska to work at a salmon cannery to pay the debts he had accumulated with various book clubs.  His cherished volumes of Proust's In Search of Lost Time put him over the edge financially, but he never hesitates to endure hardship for the sake of beauty. 


After two summers in Alaska, Garrett moved to San Francisco where he composed two collections of poetry.  One of these collections, Möbius Sphere, is illustrated with his own abstract vignettes.  He also completed his second novel, Zoë


In 2011, Garrett moved to New York City to further his literary career.  While supporting himself at various jobs, Garrett composed his third novel, Nunatak, based on his experiences working in Alaska, and a book length poem, Martha, celebrating his love for performance dance. 


In 2012, he began marketing his books directly to the public.  In Midtown Manhattan, along 5th Avenue, he is frequently found reciting his poetry and singing from his musical. 


After publishing two more collections of poetry, flowing stone and Broken Open, Garrett made his Off-Broadway debut performing his musical, Letters to Zoey, at Theatre Row in New York City. The musical is his adaptation of his second novel, Zoë.


Since the world Premiere, Garrett has continued to perform Letters to Zoey in New York City and Boston.  

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Poet in the Park, Garrett Buhl Robinson

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